green school_1The green schools programme was initiated in the school by Ms. Hegarty, Ms. Harnett and Ms. McBride. A committee was formed consisting of both staff and students. They set about the huge task of tackling litter and waste in the school which is the first green flag in the programme. Seven crucial steps have been completed before assessment can take place this year. These include:

Step 1: Green Schools Committee
Step 2: Environmental Review
Step 3: Actual Plan
Step 4: Monitoring & Evaluation
Step 5: Curriculum Work
Step 6: Informing & Involving
Step 7: Green Code

What we are trying to do

green school_2 green school_3 green school_4
To raise awareness of litter problems in our school and encourage students to BIN IT properly. To increase the amount of recycling in our school by 25%. To reduce overall waste in the Patrician Secondary School.

The green schools committee and the whole school population made a very conscious effort to promote the programme and put into action ways to tackle litter and waste over the past couple of years. This year is a very busy year for the green school committee as we are awaiting our assessment visit. Our goal is to receive the award of a Green Flag, a wonderful achievement for the school but it will not happen without the hard work, help and support of every member of the school community including management, staff, students and parents. Well done to everyone for all your help so far!

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