The Leaving Cert Vocational Programme is a Leaving Cert which incorporates a useful vocational dimension that develops skills and qualities which will prove relevant to the lives of students on leaving school for further education or the world of work. It stresses the need for new employees to be well educated in the broadest sense; adaptable self-starters, problem solvers and self-motivated.

This is a Leaving Cert. course in every sense of the word.  It can best be described as a Leaving Cert. with a strong vocational dimension. That means that a good deal of learning is either directly or indirectly focused on the world of work. The programme aims to combine the virtues of the traditional academic Leaving Cert. with the development of skills and qualities that will prove important in the lives of students when they leave school.

Students who take the LCVP will be required to fill out the subject option form in the normal way. In order to qualify, certain combinations of subjects are required. Contact coordinator for full details.


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