Your overall Leaving Cert results, regardless of subjects, are what count. Most courses at third level education use a points system to select students into their courses. This means that those with the best results in over 5 or 6 subjects get the places. It’s easy to lose sight of this when you are in the midst of trying to decide what subjects to take for your Leaving Cert.

All subjects are good for all careers.

On the other hand many courses at third level, especially Higher Degrees Level 8 courses lay down specific essential subjects and Leaving Cert. grades. It is very important to check the subject requirement in this document. Parents and their sons must take responsibility for the consequences of choosing or not choosing particular subjects. It is not possible to cover all entry requirements to third level courses and further training in this document. If you wish to take a closer look and get more specific details we recommend you visit or


Irish, English, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, French, German, History, Geography, Construction Studies, Design and Communication Graphics, Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business, Accounting, Economics, Music, Art, Physical Education, Religious Education.

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