The world of chemistry involves everything we use, wear, consume, including plastics, foodstuffs preservatives etc. The subject deals with the composition of matter, the laws of chemical change and the relationship between properties and the composition of substances. As a subject it offers a wide range of options in the scientific field ranging from brewing technology to patent work and from science technical to food processing.

Senior Cycle

For some third level courses a Science subject is essential and for a few that subject must be Chemistry.

Almost all first year Engineering and General Science degree/cert. courses will involve the study of Chemistry in the first year.

  • “C” (honour’s) for Human Nutrition and Lab Science Technician (Kevin St.)
  • Two Science subjects are necessary to study Medicine and Occupational Therapy in TCD.
  • Dentistry  (UCC) and Veterinary Medicine (UCD) will require HC in Chemistry.

Recent observations from journalists writing about careers have suggested that the Irish Economy is experiencing a shortage of people with Chemistry skills. Yet points requirements to get into Applied Chemistry courses in Institutes of Technology are among  the lowest. This is the case because the demand for these courses among school leavers is low.