Technology education is an essential component of the curriculum. In a world where encounters with a wide range of technologies are part of the daily life experience of all people at work or at leisure, students should be equipped to face these encounters with the confidence which comes from learning about, through and with a range of technologies.

Technology is a distinct form of creative activity where human beings interact with their environments using appropriate materials and processes in response to needs, wants and opportunities. It integrates problem solving and practical skills in the production of useful artefacts and systems.

More specifically, the value of technology education comes from the use of the wide variety of abilities required to produce a drawing or make an artefact, leading to a sense of competence and a feeling of personal empowerment.

Technological capability includes:

  • The understanding of appropriate concepts and processes
  • Skills of design and realisation
  • The ability to apply knowledge and skills by thinking and acting confidently, imaginatively, creatively and with sensitivity
  • The ability to evaluate technological activities, artefacts and systems critically and constructively