IMRO/RTE Songwriting Masterclass in the Music Room

Remedy – a song written by Patrician Secondary School students, inspired by the topical issues of mental health, isolation and the challenges young men face in opening up and talking about such issues.


Writing and recording an original song was a first for many of the students taking part in the Songwriting Masterclass hosted by IMRO/RTE, while for others it gave them a new perspective on collaborating with peers as part of the creative process. 

The morning kicked off with Mal Tuohy from ‘The Riptide Movement’ who performed a lovely rendition of the folk song ‘She Moved Through The Fair’. He spoke about various folk songs and artists which have inspired him over the years, along with some of the key elements that embody a timeless ballad like Song For Ireland. Mal also performed an acoustic version of one of the bands 2016 hit tracks Elephant in the Room, rallying the room to join in at the end.

The Masterclass was lead by the talented Luan Parle who broke down the task of songwriting down into easy steps, keeping the end goal in mind. She had a wonderful way of making the whole room feel included and balanced the lyrical content and the music-making process effortlessly. Mal’s rhythmic and melodic input helped shape the bridge leading to the song’s main hook, ‘I’m looking for the remedy’.

Overall the Songwriting Masterclass was a great success, allowing the students to experience one of the most creative aspects of Ireland’s music industry, and gain a real insight into Ireland’s Folk Heritage. While the songwriting process is different for every individual and every group, the Patrician boys showed great talent, teamwork, and enthusiasm to ensure “the future of folk songs in Ireland is in good hands” (Mal Tuohy).